Chair Yoga for Long Covid

3 videos 3 month access

Three sessions of 30 mins each ~ offering a simple, steady-paced practice. The tools taught are presented with those suffering from Long Covid in mind. Learning to breathe well and align posture are linked with many benefits. Purchase the library and come back to the sessions as many times as you wish for 3 months.

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£14.99 - £23.99

5 Minute Goddess ~ Tefnut

3 videos

Welcome to 5 Minute Goddess ~ Tefnut! As a Writer, Yoga, and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, I love to work with Ancient Egyptian Goddess Energy to show Women over 40 how to find more body confidence. This 5 Minute Goddess Package is for you if you want to tap into the Goddess Powers latent within you connected to the Powerful Tefnut in all her aspects. By working in these accessible ways with Ancient Egyptian Goddess Energy, you are invited to turn up the volume on your empowered Self and build body confidence.

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£5.00 - £10.00